Welcome to Chamber Pines Golf Course - UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT

Chamber Pines golf club is located on the doorstep of the city in a rural setting with friendly country hospitality, atmosphere & service. We offer the opportunity for people, individually or in groups to play golf & enjoy a drink or bar snack. We can provide a function area overlooking the golf course that can seat up to One Hundred people for weddings, parties or any special event. Function area is FREE of cost when food is provided through the club.

The Best Car Tyres in Australia

There are different types of tyres. In Australia, you can find different types of them from different companies. It is always good to buy the best tyres for your car. The types of tyres you purchase depend on the size and quality. In this article, we will look at the best tyres you can find in Australia.

1. Bridgestone Ecopia EP850
This is one of the best tyres you can purchase in Australia. This type is a perfect choice for SUV or FWD. this type has been proven to be effective and comes with a decent price tag.


2. Continental ContiSportContact 5
If you live in Australia and you’d like to buy one of the best tyres for your car. Continental ContiSportContact 5 has passed all the safety tests. This type is highly effective.


3. Dunlop Sport Maxx GT
Dunlop is a reputable brand. Most people who drive sports car prefer Dunlop. This type is durable and very effective. it is one of the best and most reliable tyres.


4. Michelin Crossclimate
There is no doubt that Michelin is a great tyre. This tyre is durable and effective. There is a lot of positive reviews from customers about this tyre. Michelin is known to ride on all types of roads and even on difficult conditions.


5. Pirelli P Zero
This is a great tyre for your car. If you’re planning to buy tyres for your vehicle in Australia, this tyre should be on your list. This tyre does great in all seasons. It is a perfect choice for those who ride sports car.


6. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons
This is a tyre for all seasons. This tyre has been on the market for many years and customers continue buying the tyre because it is effective. Unlike mot tyres this tyre is a tyre for all seasons. The company enjoys trust from all over the world.

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